Sons of Horus Reaver with banestrike bolter

Hello all! The holidays for me are only two weeks ahead, therefore I have now a lot to do and to finish in my job. That means less time to paint in the past days 😦 . Nevertheless I manage to finish the first reaver of a new squad of 10, which I have assembled with banestrike bolters.

The backpacks are magnetized as with the rest of the reavers so I can run them on foot or with jumpacks. As they are equiped with bolters, I can run them as normal tactical guys too if needed.

I paint the armour and weapons with the same recipe as always, here and here. You also have the recipe for the NMM here.

I will be painting these guys in the next weeks and after the holydays (that will be only two weeks, so I hope me not to delay so much with the painting 😉 )

Enjoy it!



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