Panoceania Bolt

Hi! This one had taked more time as expected to paint, I think it ist because it has so many different colours and details. I think that it is a very cool mini. It is a Panoceania Bolt, the veteran soldiers of Neoterra. I plan not to play it as a bolt however, but as proxy for an Auxilia, from Neoterra too.

I don´t like the old minis of the Auxilias, for me they are utterly outdated, therefore I have looked for a proxy. I think the bolts fit quite well as auxilias 😉

As always, the step by step for Panoceania is here.

I hope you like it! Any questions or comments are welcome!




3 thoughts on “Panoceania Bolt

    • Thank you very much! Glad you like it! I didn´t use purple to shade the mini, the shadow areas are all done with dark prussian blue, which is a dark blue but also lands a little in the transition from blue to purple, perhaps it´s the reason that you see it so. To highlight it I mixed the dark prussian blue with blue green and then I added white


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