Night Lords cataphractii terminator 3

Hi! I have brought for you today the third NL terminator, the third Atramentar 😉 . The Atramentar was the first company and the elite of the NL, captain among them was Sevatar. When the NL broke in to warbands during the horus heresy and after, the Atramentar were use as a symbol of were the authority of the old legion remained.

I used the shame recipe as you can see here. For the claws I used the NMM technique I described in this other post.  For the energy effect I washed the claws with vallejo blue green. Another turquoise colour would do the effect aswell 🙂

I changed a little the recipe for the armour fringes. I started with a basecoat of a mixture 50/50 black and citadel mephiston red. I washed then the upper areas with a little of black to give more depth. Then I made a mixture 50/50 of mephiston red and vallejo sunny skinntone to apply the highlights. At the end of the fringes I painted little and thin lines to give them a little texture.

2 more to go and I will have the first 5 with lightning claws! “We have come for you!” Enjoy!




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