Panoceania Joan of Arc

Hello! We come back today to infinity to have a look to Joan of Arc for Panoceania! This one was tough to paint but the mini deserves it. This is the limited version of the character which came with the Vol. 1 Painting Miniatures from A to Z book from Angel Giraldez. I really like this mini and I wanted to give it a really good paintjob. So this last week I was only focus in her to finish her and be able to share her with you here in the blog 😉



I painted almost all the mini following the step by step from Angel Giraldez in the book. For the Panoceania armor I have a little step by step here in the blog too, it is basically Angel’s recipe.

The only two things that I painted a little different to the guide in the bood are the hair, for which I used a mixture 50/50 of citadel zamesi desert and vallejo germ cam. orange ochre as basecoat. Then I washed it with with a 50/50 mixture of citadel mephiston red and black. Afterwars I applied the base colour another time as first highlight, for the last highlight I used the base colour with white 50/50. And the second different thing is the face, I used a basecoat of vallejo basic skin tone but I washed it with citadel steel legion drab to give the face a little more depth. The recipe of the book for the face was for me too pale.

As I said in another infinity posts, I think both the books from Angel Giraldez are worth the money if you want to paint infinity or you want to learn many techniques to paint miniatures. I can only recommend them.

I hope you like Joan! Leave any comments/questions in the comment section below or send me an email! Happy painting!






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