Panoceania Black Friar

Hello! I was incredible busy the past weeks (weekend inclusive!), therefore I couldn´t paint almost anything. I want to recover a good pace in the next weeks so I hope I will be able to share with you more post in the coming weeks  🙂

Today I want to show you the last miniature for my Panoceania team, the black friar. I think this guys are worth their points and come with the drop bears, which basically are mines that you can throw (that means a lot of fun for you and not much for your enemy 😉 )


I painted the armour like the oders Panoceania miniatures from the blog, you have more information here. The robe is painted with a basecoat of vallejo neutral grey and then I successively highlighted it by adding white to the grey. You don´t need to go till the pure white for the last highlight, just check when you are happy with the result and it look like white.

For the hood I used black as basecoat, with highlights with vallejo dark grey and a little neutral grey.

The sword is a basecoat of dark grey, then I made highlights with vallejo field blue. Next step was to mix field blue with a little white for the final highlight. To finish the blade I highlighted the edges with white.




I hope you like it! Expect more in the coming days. Happy painting!



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