Sons of Horus Praetor / Centurion

Hi all! I know there were plenty of SoH in the latest posts in the blog but I wanted to finish this one because he was yet too much time on the painting queue. Next one will be the last templar brethren, promised 😉

So today I want to share with you the praetor / centurion for the SoH that I painted. I used the captain of the word bearers of the Betrayal at Calt box and I converted him a little. I changed his mace for a mkIII power sword, I kept the hilt a little longer so the sword would seem a two handed sword like a paragon blade.

As always you have the step of step for the SoH green here and for the NMM sword here



For the cloak a used a basecoat of mixture 50/50 of citadel mephiston red and black. Then I went on incrementing the amount of mephiston red for the successive layers till I applied mephiston red pure. For the hihlihgt lines I used a mixture of mephiston red and zamesi desert. It costs a lot of time, so be patient and paint thin layers always, the result is worth it 🙂

I have not decided which praetor/centurion/captain he could be. What do you think? Which praetor/centurion/captain do you think matches the miniature better? Let your responses in the comments section below. Happy painting!


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