Son of Horus reaver squad marine 2

Hello! Today I bring you the second SoH reaver marine. As with the other, I made the backpack magnetized so I can build them with normal backpack or jump pack.

Remember that you have a step by step of the armour of the SoH here.

I hope you like it! More of them are in the making! Expect the whole squad in the next weeks, but the next thing in the queue is the last IF templar brethren!



5 thoughts on “Son of Horus reaver squad marine 2

  1. Impressive painting on the reaver! I like how you’ve painted the model, the colour scheme for the model is just right for SoH. Can’t wait to see what the whole reaver squad will look like.

    Keep up the good work! πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you very much! I think that the FW colours for the SoH fit perfect the colour of the armour, both for shadows and highlights. I will push forward the reavers in the painting queue then! So you all can see the whole squad soon πŸ™‚

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      • FW do some impressive colour schemes for their model range, as they look a lot more grittier and realistic. I probably would of collected the Death Guard legion if I started 30k, the colour pallet for them fits their characteristics pretty well.

        I’ll be looking forward to seeing the whole painted squad. πŸ™‚


      • I wish I could, but I don’t do online shopping, and tbh I might be in debit if I started shopping online at FW. Although I could get the GW kits of MKIII marines, but I’m not sure if their just as good as the resin versions. Also price wise they’ll be expensive, since the GW plastic MKIV were a lot more pricier than the 40k tactical squad. However, if 8th edition is as good as AoS or even better, I might start a proper army of preserved Death Guard marines.

        I liked the GW tutorial vid on painting Death Guard marines, impressive techniques from using sponge for weathering effects was pretty awesome.


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