Infinity: Morat Vanguard Infantry

Hello! I want to share with you my first miniature of the morat sectorial I want to build additionally to the my panoceania vanilla list.

I followed the step by step on the Painting miniatures from A to Z vol. 1 from Angel Giraldez dedicated to the Gecko Squad. I used the nmm technique described there and adapted it to the morat vanguard armour.

First of all, I applied a highlight of Vallejo dark grey on the black primer. Then I add a bit of white to the previous colour and applied a second highlight. Then a little more and applied a third. Be careful applying the white, the colour should remain grey and for the last highlight apply it on very small points.

Then I outlined the edges of the armour with white (thin down the paint a bit or use white with a little dark grey in it)

The red is a basecoat of citadel evil sunz scarlet mixed with khorne red and black. Then I highlighted it adding a little white for the edges.


I hope you like it! Leave any comments or questions on the comments section below or send me an email.


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