Panoceania Indigo brother Konstantinos

Hello! Konstantinos is a very good profile on the table and a better miniature. I think the pose is superb and very dynamic. He is almost a “must” in my Panoceania lists so I wanted to give him the good paintjob a mini so deserves. I have painted him following the picture in the dossier of the miniature profile, the first picture that Corvus Belli showed of him.


This colour composition differs a little from the one that you could see on the official mini. The coat is a very very dark blue with purple on the back side. The undercoat is white as the shoulder pads too.

The armour is painted following the panoceania´s blue rezept like here.

I painted the coat with vallejo dark prussian blue, then I wash it several times with thin layers of black. To hihlight it, I applied this layers of dark prussian blue and then I mixture it with white 60/40 to highlight the edges and wrinkles.

For the bags, belts and trousers, I applied a basecoat of vallejo blackbrown, then I wash them with black. Next step was to use a mixture of blackbrown and vallejo sunny skintone to highlight all the edges with the stippling technique. This technique is very good described in the masterclass books from Angel Giraldez.


The sword is painted with a basecoat of vallejo turquoise. Then I add vallejo blue green to the previous colour to do the transitions. For the last transition I used blue green with a tip of white. The last step was to outline the edges with white.


I hope you like it! Do you use Konstantinos when playing Panoceania? Leave any thougts or questions below or send me an email! Happy painting!


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