Panoceania Aquila Guard

Hello there! This one was a tough mini, the coat specially and all the different details in the armour costed much time to paint aber I think the mini deserved it. I like so much the new 3D designs of the resculpts of Infinity and this Aquila Guard is one of the best in my opinion. The pose is superb too, like he is looking the battlefield searching for the next objective.

For the panoceania blue squeme you have a super step by step in the Angel Giraldez’s blog and in his books (both volumes), I described the process too here.

For the coat I used the step by step on the Vol. 2 from the Angel Giraldez’s book but I made a few changes. I started with a basecoat of vallejo russian uniform WWII, then I highlighted the wrinkles and prominent  areas with a mixture of vallejo luftwaffe cam. green and sunny skintone (80/20). For the second highlight I added a little vallejo bonewhite/citadel skullwhite to the previous mixture. The next step is to wash all the coat with luftwaffe cam. green with a little black and then shade it on the down areas of the wrinkles with more black in the previous mixture. You will have to be patient and apply many thin coats so the coat is finished, the result is worth the time.

What do you think of it? What is your opinion on the new resculpts of infinity? Leave all your answers and questions on the comments or send me and email! Happy painting!




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