Age of Sigmar: Stormcast Eternal Liberator

Hello! I have bought the AoS introductory magazine and I painted the Stormcast Eternal that came with it.

I basically used the step by step of warhammertv with a few modifications for the armour and the hammer.

I started with the basecoat of citadel retributor armour on the black primer. Then I wash the mini with citadel reikland fleshshade. For the first highlight I used citadel auric armour gold (you must give more than one layer of this colour to achieve a nice coverage). Then I dry brushed lightly all the armour with citadel liberator gold and for the last highlight I painted the edges of the armour with citadel runefang steel.

With all the highlights applied, I painted all the deepest recesses and unions of the armour panels with more reikland fleshshade and then with a little vallejo black brown.

The blue on the armour and clothes is painted with a basecoat of vallejo dark prussian blue. I added prussian blue to it and applied consecutive thin layers to highlight the areas. For the final hihglight I used a mixture 50/50 of prussian blue with white.

For the hammer I used the NMM technique that I shared with you here.

That’s it! I hope this small guide can help you with your stormcast eternals 🙂 . As with the death army, expect more stormcast eternals in the future here in the blog!




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