Age of Sigmar: Spirit Hosts

Hi! Today we have in the blog the very first Age of Sigmar mini! A spirit host from the death alliance army. I have the other two painted but they have not the bases finished yet, therefore I show you today only one. In the coming days I will share with you the photos of all three.

And how I painted them? I started with white primer, over which I applied thin coats of citadel nihilak oxide till I had a nice blue-green coverage of the mini. Then I highlighted the mini first with vallejo pale blue and next with a little white.

To shade the mini I paint the recesses with a mixture 50/50 of pale blue and citadel warpstone glow. I add a tip more warpstone glow for the deeper recesses. Thin down the mixture so the transition is smooth.

I hope it helps you for your spirit hosts. Expect more death units in the future because I will be building a death force for AoS! Happy painting!



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