Step by step: NMM swords and knives

Hi! The wait for this one was a little longer, apologies for that. Today I will show you how I paint the swords, knives, etc. for the space marines with the technique of Non Metallic Metals (NMM). I will do the step by step in a night lord terror squad marine.

First of all, I apply a basecoat of vallejo dark grey (citadel mechanicus standard grey works too).


Then I apply very thin layers of black in the shadow areas and a mixture of the previous grey with vallejo militar grey in the highlight areas, very thin down too. I add more and more militar grey and apply sucessive layers in smaller areas. Then I apply a wash of a mixture of vallejo prussian blue and black 50/50 all over the blade, so will the blade a little blue shine just like the metal.



To finish with the last highlight, I paint the edges with white.


Perhaps it seems difficult but it is not, you must only have patience and thin down every layer. Be careful too with the amount of paint on the brush, you need only a little. For the final highliht on the edges try to paint it so thin as possible (with a little bit of paint on the brush too)

I hope this step by step helps you with the NMM technique! If you have any questions leave it in the comments or send me an email! Happy painting!


5 thoughts on “Step by step: NMM swords and knives

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