Imperial Fists contemptor dreadnought

Hi! The last days were quite busy, that´s why I couldn´t paint as much I would like but now I am back on board at full speed!

Today I want to show you my last model, the IF contemptor. As with others IFs I began with a basecoat of citadel zamesi dessert on the black primer. The lines between the armour panels are made with a mixture 50/50 of black and vallejo black brown. The highlight of the armour are citadel screaming skull and then I add a little white.

All the black parts are painted like the bolter and guns guide here.

The gold is a paint with citadel retributor amour, then I used washes of vallejo black brown with black for the shadow zones and citadel liberator gold for the highlights. For the final highlight I paited the edges with white.




I recommend to paint the scratches and damage when you have painted the armour, so can you decide how heavy you want to paint the damage and see the result on the finished armour.







I used citadel balthasar gold for the melta gun with washes of vallejo black brown for the use damage.


With the decals I use vallejo decal medium and decal fix. I will do a tutorial of how to use these in the future 😉


I hope you like it! As always, leave any questions in the comments or send me an email. Happy painting!



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