Horus the Warmaster, Primarch of the Sons of Horus

Hello! We continue with the SoH and today I bring you non less than the primarch himself! Horus the Warmaster!


When Horus was released, I pre-ordered it because for me is the best primarch mini so far. I think it embodies and represents all what you might expect from Horus. A warrior but a leader too. I think forgeworld have done a great job with him.

To paint the black armour, I used the same procedure as the justaerins here. For the gold parts of the armour and the mace I used a basecoat of citadel auric armour gold. You need to paint several layers to get a good coverage with this colour. Then I applied a wash of vallejo german c. black brown and black 50/50. For the highlights I used auric armour gold first and then citadel zamesi dessert with a tip of skull white for the last small highlight (this I applied more on the mace and legs)


The face is painted with a basecoat of citadel cadian fleshtone, then a wash of vallejo black brown. The hihglights are made with kislev flesh for the first and with a tip of white for the second (so as in many face tutorials 🙂 )


The cape is painted first with a mixture of citadel evil sunz scarlet and black as basecoat (50/50 or 40/60), then I add more and more evil sunz scarlet in successive layers till I apply only evil sunz scarlet as highlight. I paint the edges of the cape with vallejo sun yellow (also woks another orange)


The base is made from to colours. The base colour of the brown part is a mixture 50/50 of citadel steel legion grab and baneblade brown, applied with the airbrush. To highlight this part I added skull white to the mixture. The white eagle head is painted with a mixture of skull white and dawnstone, 50/50 too, then I added more skull white in the successive layers, all applied with the airbrush. I painted the shades with vallejo steel legion grab and black brown for the darker shades. For the damage, earth and dust on the base I used vallejo black brown.


If you have any questions leave them in the comments or send me an email! Happy painting! 🙂



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