Sons of Horus reaver squad marine

Hello! Today I bring you a raver squad marine for the SoH. I build the squad so, that the backpacks are magnetize, so you can change them for jump packs. My idea is to run them with jump packs, because I will not have a transport for them. But in case I want to/must run them with normal backpacks, in this way I can do it 🙂

Here you can see how I do that. I drilled a hole in the body and the backpack. I leaved the pin in the body undisturbed so I can use it to center the two parts. I used 3mm x 1mm magnets.


The armour is done like the contemptor one here. It is a basecoat of the lupercal green of FW, then highlighting with sons of horus green from FW too, I paint both steps with an airbrush. I highlight the edges of the armour with sons of horus green mixed with white, with the brush. For the final hightlight I add more white to the previous mixture.


I made the gold with a basecoat citadel retributor armour, followed by a wash with reikland fleshshade first and a mixture of vallejo german c. black brown and black second. For the highlights I used retributor armour for the first highlight and then white with a tip of retributor armour.

I highlighted the black following the step by step I did for the bolters, bolt pistols, etc. here 

I hope you like it! If you have any questions, leave them in the comments or send me an email!



4 thoughts on “Sons of Horus reaver squad marine

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