Step by step: Imperial Fists Templar Brethren

Hello! Today I bring another step by step for you! I have said that I will show you how to paint the Imperial Fists templar brethren as I uploaded the fotos from the first templar brethren, so here have you it!

First of all, the basecoat is painted with citadel zamesi dessert. As I said in the other post, I think this yellow is perfect for the imperial fists because is a “not so shiny” yellow.

Secondly I paint all the black parts with black (there is not few black parts on the model although perhaps it doesn´t seem so)

Then, I paint the lines between the armour panels and the bolts with a mixture 50/50 of vallejo black and german c. black brown. Remember this mixture because we are going to do the scratches and damage on the armour later with it.


img_8984Next step is to paint the borders of the legs armour first with citadel leadbelcher und then highlight them with citadel runefang steel.

For the highlight on the armour I use a mixture 50/50 of white with citadel skull white. I paint the edges of the armour with it. For the black parts I highlight first with vallejo neutral grey and than with a mixture 50/50 of this grey with white.


For the white parts, I use a basecoat of neutral grey and then I add white for the highlights till I reach a mixture 30/70 of neutral grey with white.


For the laurels I use a basecoat of citadel caliban gren, then I highlight the edges with citadel warpstone glow for the first highlight. For the second I add a tip of white to the warpstone glow.

I paint the energy of the plasma pistol first with vallejo dark prussian blue, then I apply a wash with citadel caledor sky. I paint last a highlight with caledor sky with white. I used citadel balthasar gold for the barrel of the plasma pistol, I give it a wash with black brown to show the use and wear.

For the eyes I used citadel evil sunz scarlet and white for the point of light.



For the solarite power gauntlet I used vallejo blue green with white 50/50, then I add more white for the highlights.


As last thing, the scratches and damage of the armor, I paint these with the mixture 50/50 of black and vallejo german c. black brown of the beginning and then I highlight them with the same mixture with which I highltight the armour panels, white with skull white.

I hope you like it! As always if you have any question fell free to ask in the comments or send me and email. Happy painting!




7 thoughts on “Step by step: Imperial Fists Templar Brethren

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  6. Hi, So you base coat with Zamesi, what color do you prime with? And is that the only color you use for the armor itself? (Besides the black, etc).


    • Hello! Yes, that is the only base colour I use. I prime them black, then I apply thin coats of yellow till I reach the yellow I want. With the black primer beneath the yellow I reach a yellow that isn’t so bright. I hope it helps 🙂


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