Panoceania Svalarheima Nisses

Hi! Today I bring you the first infinity mini of the blog. The Svalarheima Nisses from Panoceania. This is the mini of the Operation Icestorm box. I like so much the minis of Infinity that however I do not play much (I didn´t know all the rules alone), I have many infinity minis. I will show you them in the future here in the blog as I paint them.

With Panoceania I followed the good step by step from Angel Giraldez, the official Corvus Belli painter (for anybody among you that don´t know what it is, Covus Belli is the company behind infinity). The step by step is in his blog, facebook and his first master class book. Basically it is a layer of vallejo dark prussian blue, then the first highlight is painting by adding vallejo blue green to the dark prussian blue 50/50. The next step is to add white to the previous mixture and for the final highlight a little more white. All this steps are painted with the airbrush. Each highlight is applied in a smaller area than the previous one.

Then with the brush, you paint the lines between the armour panels with black and dark prussian blue 50/50. Then for the last highlight, you paint with white the edges of the armour.

If you have any questions, leave it in the comments or send me an email! Happy painting! 🙂



7 thoughts on “Panoceania Svalarheima Nisses

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