Night Lords cataphractii terminator

Hello! Today I bring you a cataphractii terminator of the Night Lords legion. I painted it following the step by steps and techniques described for the NL in the blog. The dark gold trims are painted like Sevatar´s, it is a base coat of citadel sycorax bronze, then a wash of vallejo german c. black brown and black 50/50 and finally highlight with leadbelcher first and then runefang steel.

The armour fringes I painted with a mixture 50/50 of citadel khorne red and black, the I highlighted the edges with khorne red with screaming skull 60/40.

I had to make different colour probes with this one (shoulder pads, fringes, etc) , because there is only one picture from a NL cataphractii terminator in the FW books and I didn´t see so many models in the internet. I hope this one help you all with your NL. What I want to show you too is that you shouldn´t doubt to experiment, try and check with colours, techniques, etc. If you are not happy with the paint job, try again or try another way. Have patient and try all you want, you can paint always again 🙂 . For me there is only few special situations when you let the paint job so as it is but you are not really happy with it.

Happy painting!




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