Step by step: Night Lords lightning

Hi! I want to share with you today how I paint the lighting bolts on the Night Lords armour.

First of all, we need to decide where we are going to paint the lightning. Normally in my case, I choose the shoulder pads, the arms or the legs and not usually a small lightning on the brest plate. We will iluminate the area whe the lightning bolts are, I always imagine the lighting of the NLs like a holographic device where images of actually lighting bolts are represent. Therefore I highlight the area because when a lightning strikes iluminate the surroundings where it strikes.

Secondly we will painting the area where we want to put the lightning with a mixture 50/50 of vallejo prussian blue and vallejo blue green. We must thin down much the mixture and blend over the surface like a glaze, I normally use citadel lahmian medium or directly water. Be patient and blend the mixture carefully over the surface. If the paint is too dry thin it down again.


As second highlight, add a tip more blue green to the mixture and repeat the previous step but in a smaller area.


For the lightings, we mix white with a tip of prussian blue and thin it down too a little. Then put only a very little paint on the brush (use a thin tip brush) and go from the down part of the area upwards, always from down to the top. Look to fotos of real lighting bolts to take inspiration.


I hope this step by step can help you to paint your lighting. Take it easy and pait it with patience, the results are worth it 🙂 Happy painting!





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