Step by step: Night Lords highlighting the armour

Hello! Today I will show you how to highlight the armour of the Nigh Lords after we saw how to paint the armour basecolour here.

First of all, we paint the lines between the armour panels with black.


For the first highlight I mix vallejo prussian blue with white 50/50 and I highlight all the edges of the armour panels.


For the second highlight I add more white 30/70 and I highlight the armour panels too but a smaller area as the previous highlight and the corners of the armour edges.

With this mixture I paint some scratches over the armour, this lines must be very thin, so use a little amout of paint in the brush. After that I paint a thin line with black over the previous ones, to have depth on the scratches. I make too a light weathering with a sponge in the lower parts of the armour, I use vallejo german c. black brown and citadel leadbelcher.


So we have the armour finished! In another step and step in the coming days I will show you how to paint the lighting bolts on the armour. Do you have any question? Leave it in the comments below or send me an email!



2 thoughts on “Step by step: Night Lords highlighting the armour

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