Sevatar, first captain of the Night Lords legion

Today I bring for you the mini from Sevatar, the first captain of the Night Lords legion. He was a consummate warrior and the first traitor to say the words: death to the false Emperor!

I have painted the armour like the tutorials that I made for the Night Lords armour here and here in the blog. The metal trims of the armour are paint with a basecoat of citadel sycorax bronze, then a wash of vallejo german c. black brown and black and finally highlights with citadel leadbelcher and runefang steel.

For the red of the Night Lords I use a mixture 50/50 of citadel khorne red and evil sunz scarlet. For the shadowed areas I add black to the previous mixture and for the highlight on the edges white.


And a bonus foto 🙂


I hope you enjoy them! As always if you have any questions, leave them in the comments or send me an email! Happy painting.



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