Step by step: Night Lords armour colour

I wanted to do for you all a step by step of my Night Lords armour base colour. There was a question too about it in the terror squad post so here it is. All the steps are made with an airbrush but you can too use a brush, you will only need more time to blend the colors together.

I apply black primer to the model and then, a layer with night lords blue from Forgeworld. The objective is to provide a good base and coverage to the model.


The second step is where the colour becoms a little tricky. I make a mixture 80/10/10 of Vallejo dark prussian blue, neutral grey and black. The color looks so:


For me is the perfect colour that matches the “midnight clad” from the NL. I apply it all over the model specially on the outer areas of the armour.


Finaly, I paint highlights with Vallejo prussian blue. I give the colour in the upper areas of the head and shoulders, in points of light in the arms and the lower parts of the legs. You can achieve a good result with the airbrush with a cenital position of airbrushing. Here the result:


And in a termi:


I hope this step and step will help you with your NL, in the next step by step I will show you how I finish the armour in a model and how to highlight it. If you have any questions leave them in the comments or send me an e-mail, I will be glad to answer them!



4 thoughts on “Step by step: Night Lords armour colour

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