Night Lords terror squad

The Night Lords are one of my favourite legions, I like the lore behind them and how Konrad Curze descended to madness and the legion with him.

My Night Lords force is made around the terror assault rite of war. Here my first terror squad. I equiped them with bolters so I can run them as normal legion marines if necessary. I wanted that the area with lightnings was also iluminated, not only with a lightning on the surface, because, you know, the “light” of the lightning. When I paint the next ones, I will do a tutorial for you.




2 thoughts on “Night Lords terror squad

    • The blue colour is made so: black primer, then a coat of night lords blue from FW, the next layer is made with a mixture 80/10/10 of vallejo dark prussian blue, vallejo neutral grey and black. I give more color in the areas that I want to highlight. The last layer ist a cenital layer with more color too where I want to put points of light with Vallejo prussian blue. I made all the steps with an airbrush. Come back in the coming days because I will do a detailed step by step tutorial of the night lords armor.


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