Hello there!

Hi all! This should be my very first post so I will talk a little about myself and what the blog is about.

I come from Spain but regarding the job situation in Spain I work and live in Germany (therefore my mother language isn´t english so sorry in advance for the mistakes that I could make). I am a wargaming hobbyst since the middle 90´s when I started with Warhammer Fantasy, later on I went into Warhammer 40k. When I was in the university I couldn´t paint or play very much so I parked the hobby for a couple of years. In the last years however, I have returned to the 40k world and mostly to the 30k with the Horus Heresy range both from FW and GW. I am more a painter than a gamer, so I thought to share with you my miniatures from wh30k and 40k , Infinity, whfb/Age of Sigmar (I want to start a collection from from the new AoS minis very soon) via this blog. I will too share painting techniques, ideas and opinions about the painting from miniatures. I paint mostly with an airbrush for the firsts steps and then with a brush after.

That was a long first post! I hope you enjoy looking, hanging around and sharing your opinions in the blog (opinions and constructive critics are always welcome!) Here a first image from what is to come:



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